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This is how classical education works.

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I can’t make my children believers in and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ — only the Holy Spirit can work that miracle and only if they have been called from before the foundation of the world to be redeemed by Christ on the cross —  but I can regularly exult in Him in their presence and influence their perception of Him.

Mark Hays writes at Kuyperian Commentary about a car ride with his son, Calvin, wherein they spent the hour listening to a lecture by Dr. George Grant on King Alfred:

As Dr. Grant spoke I recalled what I’d learned about King Alfred from Ben Merkle’s book, The White Horse King. So I paused our inimitable orator to tell my son about shield walls and bezerkers, about Guthrum and the Danes, about bravery and cunning, about a king that learned humility through hardship.  Calvin commented how much the Middle Ages sounded like Middle Earth, and I agreed.  Externally I agreed.  Internally I rejoiced that my son was avidly listening to my stories and listening well enough to have made a connection between Alfred and Tolkien.


I love King Alfred.  I want to be like King Alfred, and I want my sons to be more like King Alfred than I will ever be.  Long ago, I realized that you can’t force your children to love your heroes, but during that conversation with Calvin, I realized that you don’t have to.  Your love for your heroes will be infectious.  Your children will simply catch it.

(Alfred, Calvin, and Tolkien)

This is how classical education works. Infuse your students, your children, with a love for learning that can’t be bound or grounded. This is how biblical education works. Have praises for your Lord ever on your lips so that they are ever wondering how you came to know Him so well.


Written by mrsdkmiller

April 3, 2013 at 2:31 pm

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