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Educating Christian Children in a Secular Society

David Hicks has posted a compelling piece on Educating Christian Children in a Secular Society at the CiRCE Institute’s blog, Cultivating Wisdom and Virtue. Here are some nuggets, but I suggest you go to the full piece to get the full effect.

“What I have called the working assumptions of our secular society are what our children are taught in school these days.  The young man in the diner didn’t spring from his mother’s womb convinced that religious belief lay at the root of hatred and conflict in the world.  He learned this from a mainstream public education — not one of those private, left-wing, Eastern universities — for which American taxpayers, religious or not, paid.  For this reason, I believe it’s important for us to know not only what our faith teaches, but also what history tells us.  To know the facts and to teach them to our children.  I don’t mean by this to imitate the secularizers by making a selective reading of history.  I want an honest reading, one that not only begins, as every Christian act must, with a recognition and confession of where Christians have pursued their own unjust and selfish wills, sometimes ascribing them to God, but one that also carefully examines the claims of the secularists in light of history.”


“It would be a mistake for classical-Christian educators, in my opinion, to neglect the careful study of these secular state experiments, beginning with the French Revolution.  Their students are growing up and will eventually assume citizenship within the most recent of these experiments.  They need to know the track record and be able to detect the propaganda that inevitably accompanies these experiments, usually from the most exalted intellectual quarters.”

Read more here.


Written by mrsdkmiller

May 7, 2013 at 8:36 am

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