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This post has been moderated from its first appearance at the Three Rivers Grace blog.

A few weeks ago, the Sunday School classes at Three Rivers Grace marked Promotion Sunday, the day when children who are ready to graduate out of one Sunday School class make the move up to the next level.  So 2 year-old “Bed Babies” ascended to the 2s and 3s class, and children who had turned four during the past year moved up to the 4-year old – 3rd grade class. New 4th graders graduated to the 4th-6th grade class, and those former 6th graders found themselves seated with the “youth” – the 7th-12th graders.

As for the adults, the only moving around they did were those who “moved up” to the balcony for the 8-week membership class, which began that week as well.

We had some tears and nervousness, but there were also a lot of happy faces as older children welcomed younger children into their classrooms. (As far as I know, there were no tears among the adults.) For most, this was an enjoyable day of new experiences.


The meaning of the word, promotion, is based on a simple prefix-root construction: pro (meaning “forward”) and mot (meaning “move”). Promotion means “moving forward”, hence the natural use of the term when we assume a new position someplace ahead of where we have been. Consider this use also, as we shepherd our children from the old classroom to the new :  our own promotion to glory.  Oh, the glory of that day when I shall cross the river and enter the Celestial City to spend eternity with my  King! I know this is what I long for, when I shall lay aside the sins that hinder me and the weight of a world groaning with iniquity and lawlessness. With every wearisome and sin-plagued day, I am reminded that in Christ I find my Sabbath and that He awaits me for an eternal rest in Heaven. This is a great theme to discuss with your children while they still have in their minds the excitement and novelty of this Promotion Sunday.

The father of a college friend of mine posted this comment on the sudden death of his son, “My wife, Ben [his oldest son] and I were with him at the end of his life on this side of GLORY. He was ready to go! This is a man who walked the walk and really cared for those who needed a friend, especially young people. He wanted to know and grown in the Lord. If he knew you then he prayed for you.”

To live is Christ, said the Apostle, to die is gain. I am eagerly looking forward to my Promotion Day.


Written by mrsdkmiller

October 5, 2013 at 2:22 pm

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