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That Moment When… by Hannah Hunter

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A post over at my daughter’s blog, Mr. Hunter’s Wife, is getting a lot of attention today. I think it’s a picture of grace and beauty. But, I’m biased.

Mr. Hunter's Wife

Most people know of the new trend on social websites that starts a sentence with “that moment when”. Usually, people use it to highlight an awkward situation, a hilarious incident, a “what in the world” reaction to another human’s lack of common sense, etc.

Well. Yesterday, I was sitting around reading Psalm 139 and thought to myself:

That moment when you realize God knew you before you were conceived.

And then I kind of got carried away.

That moment when God foreknew you and predestined you to be His.

That moment when Christ came into the world, lived His fully God, fully human life, and died thinking of His elect.

That moment when you realize that He thought of you because you are one of His elect.

That moment when you actually start to cry because you’re homesick for heaven.

That moment when unbelievers just don’t get it and you…

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Written by mrsdkmiller

October 15, 2013 at 1:06 pm

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