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Confidence in Anonymity — Learning from a Pro

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I am thinking of my friend, Denise Sproul today, two years now in glory with her Redeemer — while her family and friends are torn between being joyful for her and grateful for the years the Lord gave them together, and the sadness that comes with loss.

rc and denise

For those who never met her, I posted this on RC Jr’s wall to describe how much she influenced me:

Denise glowed with her gratitude to the Lord for being able to be a wife and mother. Circumstances required me to be a working mom, and while I got my name in print and hobnobbed with the bigwigs, I never ever got a sense from her that she regretted the eminently more important, more crucial role she was assigned as your wife and the mother of your children. She was confident and content and delighted with her calling, so that when the time came that the Lord called me to the same “anonymity”, I knew it would not be a sacrifice to leave the glamour behind, that I was heading into “this is where I belong”. She was glorious contentment and bliss illustrated in the flesh for me.


We miss you, Denise.


(Photo credit: Facebook)


Written by mrsdkmiller

December 18, 2013 at 10:28 am

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