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8 minutes to say a few things about Christmas….

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9 minutes to go before the alarms go off, teenagers start pouring out of bedrooms, coffee gets poured into mugs, the dog goes out into 9 degree chill (and comes back in soon after, leaving everyone to wonder if she did what she was supposed to do out there)…. a few minutes more of silence, punctuated by the sounds of the furnace going on and off, and the fish tank bubbling and the aged hermit cat gumming food out of his bowl in the kitchen.

8 minutes now to say a few things:

Christmas is a time to celebrate. We look to the birth of Christ, not because this is the time of year He was born, or because we are told to do so in Scripture, knowing that no day is to be set aside as more holy than another. Believers know better, so stop with the calling out and judgment. Yes, it would be more credible if we did this every day. If we raised our hands in praise, sang carols about the incarnation, and gave and gave and gave all year long. I don’t and I hope to think more Christmasly every day in the coming year.

But for the moment, for today, Christmas Day, 2013, we celebrate. We gather and give. We ponder anew all the Almighty will do and has done and is doing today, in each minute of this day. His mercies are NEW every morning. I am astounded that He entered this framework of earth, coming from His throne in heaven to visit the poor and lowly — taking on the very nature of a bondservant, a frail human form — all to go to the Cross, to His death. As my friend, R.C. Sproul, Jr, said, “Jesus did not come to save us from the enemy but came to save us, the enemy.”

He has done this for me, one who once was His enemy, so that as I look over this past year I can mark where He has carried me, guided me, given me strength — given me life — through all sorts of trials and challenges. And blessed me abundantly.

  • a married daughter and a new son-in-law — both godly and wise and mature beyond where I was at their ages
  •  healthy children — no more blood disorders or concussion symptoms
  • a healthy, active, almost-88-years old mother to share with me discussions about books and doctrine and old friends and homemaking and life
  • a best friend, a master of my home, a beloved whose commitment to Christ is deeper than and informs and enriches and makes more magical his commitment to me
  • an assembly of believers with whom to meet on Sundays and throughout the week, where the word of God is central, where Christ’s love is seen and known
  • a sisterhood of Christian women — I’ve never had sisters before, and I have always counseled my daughters to treasure their relationships with one another because I know the prize that they have by what I missed, but this group of godly, tender-hearted, Bible-breathing, open-handed, generous and gracious women make up for my biological loss in ways I can’t calculate
  • books and sermons and tracts and essays and songs that recount the majesty of our King, the sweetness of His compassion and company, the glories of His truth, the hope of His eternity, the exactness of His ways (higher than ours but imitatable through His Spirit — another gift)
  • snow on the ground Christmas morning, sun and birds singing and green — green, green, GREEN — all around in the spring, smoky colors and smells in the autumn, lazy rest in the summer
  • contentment, peace, joy, hope, faith, love

This is God with us. This is Christ Incarnate. This is Christmas.



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December 25, 2013 at 8:24 am

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