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Hey, you know how Ian and Larissa’s story has been recirculating around social media lately? I decided to go back and check up on their blog.


And found joy there.

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a spark


we were talking about the acronym the pastor gave us, reminding us about the ways of love, how they look and feel and act.

we were sitting in a small room, circled together, thinking on how we distribute love and who we know that does it so well.

“ian, how are we to love our spouses?”, our group leader asked.

“thinking of them before yourself.”

we kept reflecting on love and what it looks like and then what i always fear happened, as i saw the effect of a catheter that decided to stop working. i saw on the floor what is always on my mind in public; i saw my own example of what joni eareckson tada has spoken of many times before, the fears that remain into adulthood when disability lives in your body.

i left the room quickly, discreetly, to find what i needed to hide it, remove it, fix it.

when i came back into the room, she stood up and moved closely to us, gently reminding us that we were family. gently reminding us that we need not be embarrassed, that they loved and would help us.

and there it happened, the love that we were speaking of, the acting out of Jesus death and what it did for us. they helped us to the car. they cleaned up after us when we left. they joyfully loved.

in the safety of our car,

“ian, i’m so sorry. i’m so sorry that those embarrassing things happen.”

then tears because it was a hard week and because lies were making a home in my heart.

“ian, i don’t understand this. i hate this.”

Read more at the blog.

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Written by mrsdkmiller

January 16, 2014 at 4:26 pm

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