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Matthew McConaughey is Not My Hero by Melissa Edgington

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“We have got to get over our obsession with celebrity and start making connections between what people say and what they actually do.”

This is true.

Yet, for what it’s worth, and to be fair, youngcons had a post with a pic of MM reading Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ (http://youngcons.com/oscar-winner-matthew-mcconaughey-reading-lee-strobels-case-for-christ-while-working-out/), so maybe he is in a place where he needs someone to disciple him, to guide him in career choices if he has any desire to make them through the sieve of the Bible. And if he does not have that inclination to bend his desires for the sake of his heart and a witness, then that is a sure danger sign — for him. Not for us to jump on the condemnation bandwagon.

Also, I posted an article recently on Facebook (http://philcooke.com/what-you-might-not-know/) about how little we see of what is happening behind the scenes — either because it is hidden from us by a Christianity-hating media, or because it would expose the work of real evangelists with access to open doors who would find those doors closing in a hurry, or a myriad of other reasons. MM should not be anybody’s hero just because he mentioned God. But neither should where he is today be judged by where he was yesterday, much less where he was months ago when the film was made.

Your Mom Has A Blog

Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar. And, boy, are Christians happy about it. I mean, Christians are jumping up and down for this Texas boy for his big win because he actually thanked God in his acceptance speech. He did, he gave God credit and he thanked his wife like he should and he gave a rambling speech that really made me wonder why they weren’t starting up the music to cut him off. They let Matthew talk for almost four minutes, and the clip of his speech is all over the internet.

Christians are so proud.

And, I can’t blame us. I mean, how often do we hear a major celebrity, an Oscar winner, no less, identifying with us? How often do we get that kind of star power in our corner? It almost makes us seem sort of cool and legitimate.

I liked his speech, although I thought it…

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March 4, 2014 at 4:44 pm

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