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Sin Brings Death.


Does the charge to preach the whole counsel of God mean we need to dwell as much on the Sin=Death formula with our innocent children as the Bible seems to do?

Let’s start with the misconception that children are innocent. As believers of the word of God and its message to Adam’s fallen race, we know that is true neither doctrinally nor practically. Just consider what it is that makes a baby demonstrate a demanding, impatient, unyielding spirit – often several times a day!

Secondly, the Bible doesn’t seem to dwell on the Sin = Death dynamic. It begins with it; it is liberally laced with it, from the Pentateuch to the histories, from the poetry to the prophecies, from the gospel to the missives of the early church. And it finds its culmination in the greatest glorious matchup between Sin and Death: on the Cross of Christ. The Bible doesn’t just appear to have a fixation on this theme, much to the dismay of many who would rather dismiss the notion of a putrid, decaying condition of the heart keeping the masses out of the celestial realm of harps and endless dreams. It seems that if we don’t get the point at the starting line then we will miss the whole point of the race.

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Written by mrsdkmiller

March 20, 2014 at 9:27 am

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