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First original upcycle!

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(Okay, this post introduces a new category at Who Me?: Stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else on this blog. It’s a home for photos and stuff I want to link elsewhere. So for those of you who are here only for the Who Me? pieces I had been moderately faithful in posting — at least up until early November — I hope you’ll indulge me this section of the blog. And stay tuned: I have a good idea I’ll be getting back to writing again soon. L.M.)


As to this post:

I had been pondering the question of how is the best way to store my earbuds without encountering that infernal tangling issue.

At our house we are post Christmas and post major home repair (6 months of it!).  I have, for the past week, been rearranging, organizing, purging, and upcycling.

My daughter found my missing earbuds, gone since Not Me had borrowed them and misplaced them. The case was still missing, and it seemed Wrong to put them away without a “case”. On Pinterest I found some plans for cute pouches, but I wasn’t prepared to get out my sewing machine, etc., to sew a little bitty pouch without at least one other project to do at the same time. But I needed to put these earbuds away somewhere!

And then, there, I saw, blinking at me from my desk supply bin, three rolls of tape, one nearly empty. Okay, I confess, I pulled about 2 feet of tape off the roll to get to the plastic ring before I tried the earbuds on it. A waste of a few cents, I suppose. But all in the name of curiosity, progress and forward thinking, right? And look! It works!

And, soon, we’ll return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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January 3, 2012 at 8:49 pm

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